Week 39, 2020:
Brands spotted

This week we've seen a new platform that will provide everything you need to do DIY upgrades to your own home, a skincare line for children, and a brand that's going big on terry towelling.

We've also spotted two tea companies that are doing things a bit differently. Kib has created a range of "planet-positive" herbal teas, where ingredients are cultivated using circular farming techniques that make sure the soil doesn't become depleted of nutrients. Meanwhile, Sammee's bubble tea kits, which you can use to brew up your own milky concoctions, are a twist on a trend coffee brands are following, making it easier to have high-quality hot drinks at home.

What new brands have you spotted this week?


Need to upgrade a room in your home? Outfit is DIY renovations in a box — materials, tool rentals, and instructions delivered to your door.

Kinfill Homecare

A new generation of eco-friendly, effective cleaning products. Designed to cut out single-use plastics from your daily cleaning routine.


SAMMEE boba kits provide everything you need to make your favorite drinks in the comfort of your own home.


An apparel brand where every item is made from comfy terry towelling.

Kib Herbal Tea

Planet-positive and flavour-forward herbal teas made from ingredients grown using regenerative farming methods.

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