Week 38, 2020:
Brands spotted

This week, we've spied ovulation trackers, made-for-mixing soft drinks, and an ostentatious concrete basin brand.

We were also intrigued by Dogdrop, an LA-based dog daycare company that launched last year. Through its service, the brand aims to provide a flexible and affordable way for owners to make sure their dogs are getting socialised during the day. While dogs have likely been enjoying spending some extra time with their owners during lockdown, Dogdrop is hopeful that the number of new owners (33% of Americans have considered adopting a dog during lockdown) means there will be increased demand for its services when people head back to the office. We don't feature a lot of service-first brands on Thingtesting, but last week Dogdrop launched its first set of direct-to-consumer products to help out with some of the more unpleasant aspects of dog ownership: poop bags and bum wipes.

What new brands have you spotted this week?


An at-home ovulation tracker that keeps tabs on fertility levels using urine samples.


Dogdrop provides better, more accessible dog daycare at their physical locations, along with modern dog essentials delivered to your door.

Lazy Cloud

Convenient self-care products that are made to be used while travelling.


AVEC changes what you mix with your alcohol for the better: tastier, healthier & simpler. All-natural ingredients and 80-90% less sugar.

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