25 February 2021:
Brands spotted

This week, we’ve come across a slick cigarette case that helps you quit smoking, a hyper-local honey brand and a new kind of keyboard that’s designed to be used by photographers, developers, illustrators and other creatives.

We also came across Oly Sheet, a subscription service that wants you to “never buy, wash or dry sheets again”. For £24 per “exchange”, Oly Sheet will deliver freshly laundered Egyptian cotton sheets every fortnight, taking the old ones back to be washed. The company says it uses renewable energy and washes the sheets at lower temperatures to extend their lifetime. Ingenious, or incredibly lazy?

Oly Sheet

Freshly laundered bedding, sustainably, on subscription.

non | verbal

Functional chocolate made with organic Ecuadorian cacao, infused with Chinese & Ayurvedic herbs, lightly sweetened with coconut sugar.


Your bottle and cup belong together. Hitch is the first bottle with a barista-approved cup hidden inside. Go zero waste and carry better.

Kulfi Beauty

Kulfi is celebrating South Asian beauty with fun and approachable beauty products designed to compliment our skin tones and undertones.


A Scandinavian skincare brand designed for people of colour while still being suitable for all.


A cigarette case that helps you quit smoking.

Work Louder

Modular keyboards designed for illustrators, developers and other creatives.


Outdoor sports apparel that can be worn year-round, inside, outside, in the city or on the mountain. For everyone.

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