18 February 2021:
Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted a zero-waste grocery store that's expanding across LA, an anti-microbial towel brand that saves water, and vitamin packs that are tailored to the different stages of pregnancy.

We also spotted an interesting brand from Germany – Revoe – that makes patches designed to cover up and protect Freestyle Libre devices. This may seem like a niche product, but it is also speaks to an emerging trend in the wellness space. The Freestyle Libre, which is a continuous glucose monitor that is commonly used by diabetes patients (Abbot Laboratories' first Freestyle model was approved for use in 2008), has recently been adopted by a number of startups (such as Levels and Supersapiens) who are offering it to consumers as a new type of health and fitness tracker, allowing users to see how different foods affect their blood sugar (and therefore fitness and energy) levels.

Zero Grocery

As the first plastic-free online grocery store, Zero provides high-quality groceries and everyday goods without the trash.


Italian-made sneakers that allow you to take pleasure in performance.


A botanical, antibacterial, eco-friendly towel which fights bacteria, dries fast, and rejuvenates your skin.


Vitamin and supplement subscription for preconception, each trimester, and into motherhood.


Skincare with less guesswork and more clarity; less hype and more performance.


Candies makes candles. Some of the glossiest you’ve ever seen. If you want to make a mark in your living room, this would be how.

Hllo Friend

Face masks which are comfortable, cooling and designed to exacting standards, offering 90% filtration of 0.1 micron particles.


Patches to cover up and protect Freestyle Libre devices.


Onsuri’s extra virgin olive oil comes from Europe’s most prestigious olive varieties grown at the heart of the Fertile Crescent.

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