18 February 2021:

Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted a zero-waste grocery store that's expanding across LA, an anti-microbial towel brand that saves water, and vitamin packs that are tailored to the different stages of pregnancy.

We also spotted an interesting brand from Germany – Revoe – that makes patches designed to cover up and protect Freestyle Libre devices. This may seem like a niche product, but it is also speaks to an emerging trend in the wellness space. The Freestyle Libre, which is a continuous glucose monitor that is commonly used by diabetes patients (Abbot Laboratories' first Freestyle model was approved for use in 2008), has recently been adopted by a number of startups (such as Levels and Supersapiens) who are offering it to consumers as a new type of health and fitness tracker, allowing users to see how different foods affect their blood sugar (and therefore fitness and energy) levels.

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