14 January 2021:

Brands spotted

This week, we’ve spotted a skincare brands that wants to make sure its Gen Z customers are recycling, comfy merino and cotton socks from Australia, and a company that’s making concentrated shampoos and conditioners.

We also spotted Feel, a US skincare brand which is taking an interesting approach to reassuring customers that it is holding its products to an extremely high standard. Instead of simply ensuring its products meet requirements set out by the US FDA (which restricts just 11 chemicals from use in cosmetics), it has gone one step further by also ensuring that its products comply with EU regulations (meaning a total of 1,328 chemicals which are suspected to harm human health are now off limits to Feel). While other US skincare brands that ship to Europe (and do not offer a different product formulation for this region) will also be subject to the same rules, it is unusual to see a brand use this fact as a selling point.

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