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Hi! I’m Shannon Maldonado, founder and Creative director of YOWIE, a boutique hotel, shop and design studio based in Philadelphia. We started as a small webshop in 2016 and recently expanded into a 10,000 sq foot flagship. We are proud to present a unique space full of independent makers, emerging artists and heritage brands that we love and we design spaces that invite curiosity and celebrate design!

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Tekla, Le Corbusier Mohair Blankets

The second the temperatures start to drop I immediately start compiling a list of movies and tv shows I’d like to watch during a self induced winter hibernation period. What better way to spend that time on the couch then to be wrapped up in one of these Tekla blankets in a punchy hue.

Hay, Tavern Coupe

The Couple Glass by Hay is a perfect everyday dinner companion as she's both elegant and sturdy. When I first saw these I quickly imagined myself drinking a chilled glass of Lambrusco from its lip with a perfectly imperfect homemade pepperoni pizza on a Fall evening. The price point is perfect if you're clumsy as hell like me and fear breaking them.

Sounds, Calm Tea

Until I met my husband I was not a tea after dinner person. Now it feels like such a small luxury and a way to keep the party going when sharing time with friends.

Made by Choice, Reading Horse

Most people that I know have a lot of great coffee table books and no way to elegantly store them (I am also guilty of this!). The Reading Horse comes in seven unique shades and is sure to elevate your living room or office.

Faum, Renyi Candle

There are lots of shaped candles in the market but this one by Faum hits a few elements that I personally love - sweet and spooky. Its form mimics a dancing ghost and will be sure to delight anyone that encounters it!

Ananas Ananas, 104-2 Tray

This silver tray is divine! I would love to eat fancy cheese and mat off of it while trying to find the nearest person to discuss Vanderpump Rules with at a dinner party. Timeless and chic!

Sanzo, Sample Pack

I recently tried these and love the flavors, perfect for taking a break about drinking or maybe mix with your favorite libration. The packaging is so inviting and you can almost taste the juicy flavor before you even take the first sip!

Mellow NYC, Whirlpool Plate

I’ve always loved Elise’s work and this piece is so unique and perfect for serving. Would be a perfect addition to anyone's collection.

Great Wrap, Great Mate Starter Kit

WOW! Who knew cling wrap for leftovers could be so CUTE! This is the most unexpected and playful reimagining of a necessity that I have seen in a while and I don’t even like leftovers!


If you are invited to a dinner party you know the worst part is in the last 30 or so minutes where things are winding down and dirty dishes cover the table. You’d BETTER offer to help the host cleanup (after topping off your glass of wine of course) and you’re a true rockstar if you roll up with a scrub mommy.