April 7, 2022:

Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted sugar-free oatmilk, a gas and bloating relief supplement, and versatile outdoor apparel.

There are a couple launches in this week's brands spotted curation. First, there's Dog is Human, a multivitamin for dogs formulated by vets. Another supplement, this time for humans, is just-launched NOOCI which offers a plant-based supplement inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Lastly, there's Exponent Beauty, a self-activated skincare line.

We have a number of canned drink concepts this week as well, including canned sparkling agua fresca drinks from BAWI, zero-proof cocktails by Wildfolk, and Space Tea, maker of a canned drink made from black tea, lemonade, and organic mushrooms.

Two of this week's brands spotted were submitted by our community and the rest were spotted by our team. Know an interesting brand we should have on our radar? Tell us here.