April 21, 2022:

Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted biodegradable baby shoes, an at-home oral test kit and Asian-American baking mixes.

We have four launches this week. The first launches today and is this week's Thingdrop. Founded by Lisa Guerrera and Emmy Ketcham, Experiment is a sustainable beauty brand and its first product is a reusable face mask. There's also Helsinki-based New Standard, which makes clothing basics from 100% recycled material. Lastly, there's Enjoy Palms, a New Zealand-based brand offering organic coconut milk that uses 20% coconut cream, and Flow, which makes essential oil air diffuser systems for inside motorcycle helmets. If you use this last one, we'd been extremely keen to hear your review.

Four of this week's brands spotted were submitted by our community and the rest were spotted by our team. Know an interesting brand we should have on our radar? Tell us here.