Gifts for you, for your boo, and for your boudoir.

My name is Lily Sullivan and I am an aspiring author and Brand and Communications strategist. I run a satirical newsletter called Love and Other Rugs—that compares looking for love to looking for furniture. This guide is the perfect mix of things to fill your home and spice up your love life.

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Sophie Calle, True Stories

Sophie Calle’s ability to call her exes out in her art and archival books is a gift. I recently picked up True Stories on a trip to Portland—it's the perfect sob story that isn’t your sob story.

Blockshop, Flock Robe

A robe from the brilliant team at Blockshop textiles. Good for showers, good for sitting in your apartment and eating take out thai food, good for moping.

Merit, Flush Balm and Solo Shadow

My bag always has at least 1 product from merit in it—currently the blush to always looked like you are blushing and 90s era shadow for nights out.

Lichen, Lichen x Hako Round Sconce

I will walk into friend’s or lover’s houses and turn overhead lighting off. Mood lighting is crucial, I love this collaboration from the team at Lichen.

Maude, Band

It wouldn’t be sex and design, if we didn’t talk about maude. Get the band back together with their latest device.

Backdrop, Lobby Scene Paint

I just turned my bedroom into a chic little cave using color from Backdrop’s inspired hues. Paint the town and then your room with this red.

Sofie Pavitt Face, Nice Ice Toner Pods

Give the gift of a de-puffed face with dream girl Sofie Pavitt’s new line. Maybe you had too much wine, maybe your situationship is a jerk and you cried a little, maybe you watched the NFL draft highlights (again).

Ulysse Sauvage, Verre Tulipe Glassware

I gasped when I saw these in Paris— cheaper to import than a Parisian boyfriend and will hold all your wines and martinis. My go to for a big glass of something sparkling.

Forsyth, Flora Rug

Flowers die, this floral rug is forever.

Laid and Confused

Food and Wine writer Maria Yagoda wrote an amazing cultural analysis on Sex today, for the friend who is over cuffing season get Laid and Confused.

Noguchi Museum, One Year Membership

I swear to god, everyone soft launches their relationship at the Noguchi museum. Why not hard launch it with a one year membership which gets you discounts on the coveted paper lanterns.

Pierce and Ward, Mystic Tapered Candles

You may not want to light these divine painted candles from Pierce and Ward but they make an epic centerpiece on any table.

Scribe Winery, SVS Membership

My favorite place on earth is the Hacienda at Scribe Winery—give a little bit of the magic to your friends with a quarterly shipment of wines with a Scribe SVS membership.

HK Living, Striped Velvet Accent Pillow

Be a pillow princess if you wish, or just a pillow person with spicy yet sophisticated HK Living Pillows.