Gifts for the dad who doesn’t want anything

I talk to people about clothes and make podcasts.

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Field Notes, Original Kraft

Every person should have a notebook, and few are as simple and elegant as the classic Field Notes. Use your phone less, write your thoughts down more. :)

3sixteen, Pima Pocket Tees

A simple white pocket tee is all you need. Wear it underneath an open button down, with a nice v-neck for your dad style, or by itself. These tees from 3sixteen, are just the right length and their neck stays nice and tight. No floppy neck here!

&Tradition, Flowerpot VP9 Lamp

The portable USB desk lamp is extremely underrated…and Verner Panton is one of my favorite designers. Is it a good nightstand lamp? table lamp for writing? A cool lamp that sits on a shelf? All of the above!

Audible Subscription

Yes, we all need a break from our constant rotation of live Dylan sessions or podcasts. My audible subscription is one of the few things I cherish every month. A new book, a new way to educate and inspire myself.

CDLP, Boxer Trunks

The best underwear anyone can ever have. I’m partial to the boxer trunk, not a brief, not a boxer, just right.

Tactile Turn, Slim Bolt Action Pen

A nice heavy pen that isn’t too heavy, can fit in your pocket and has the most satisfying click you’ll ever here. Use it with your Field Notes (Heyo call back!)

Seiko, Prospex SPB 143

Everyone needs a nice simple watch. Of course we have our phones, but why use a phone when you have an incredible watch on your wrist. Seikos are affordable and always get the subtle nod from the rest of the watch world. The SPB143 is a tank.

Intelligentsia, Instant Espresso

Instant coffee has come a long way, since those old Taster’s Choice ads. I travel with these all the time. Helpful Hint, use bottled water instead of the tap. :)

Anker, Nano Power Bank

No matter how new or good your phone is, you’re going to run out of juice when you need it the most. The Anker Power Banks are a game changer and I haven’t had battery anxiety since.

Protech, Knife ‘Runt’

A short blade perfect that’s easy to carry with you, camp with, and even open your boxes. I am not a knife dude but if you’re going to get a nice one, Protech is the best.