Gifts for your friend who goes to the grocery store for fun

As someone who feels like a kid in a candy shop in a regular grocery store, the gift of edible CPG products is my love language. There are so many amazing things and brands to choose from and my list could have gone on, but this is a selection of brands and products that I would be gifting. For obvious reasons, I wasn’t able to include frozen or chilled items... so I’ve gone for things you could gift wrap and leave under the tree.

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OffLimits cereal

I’ve been an OffLimits fan since Day 1, and have a shrine to the brand in my apartment, but this year I’ll be gifting the new OffLimit’s ‘Fluf n Puf’ (Pancake & Marshmallow) with a side of Cereal Glitter. Not only is a bowl delicious, but the added glitter is the perfect festive sparkle.

Zab's Hot Sauce, Zab's Pack

I always like finding new sauces to gift that condiment to a loving family member or friend, and this year I’d be looking no further than the Zab’s St. Augustine Style sauce. Not only is the bottle beautiful but the flavor is like nothing else out there. You’ll probably be adding it to your turkey at the holiday table. Thank me later.

Brightland, The Duo

Gifting Brightland is a slam dunk. I’ve done it several times in the past and every time its a winner. Not only is the packaging beautiful, but the products delicious - whether its the olive oil, vinegars or honey - you can’t go wrong.

GoNanas, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Mix

GoNanas is one the products that has blown me away this year. I love the simplicity of the concept and for bakers and non-bakers (me), it’s such an easy and delicious way to bake banana bread. Hopefully the gift recipient bakes for you in return.

OatHaus, Vanilla

Granola Butter is one of those products that once you’ve tried, life isn’t the same afterwards. There is life before granola butter, and life after granola butter. Moreish and delicious - what better stocking filler could you offer?

Hey Champ, Sampler Pack

I love this brand. Hand-made chocolate bars from East Los Angeles. For the chocolate lover in your life who has tried all the candy you can find in a regular grocery store, this is special.

Three Spirit, The Collection

I took some Three Spirit as a non-alcoholic option to a party last year and it went down a storm. Not only is it beautifully packaged, but it’s a delicious non-alcoholic option this party season and has plenty of different options depending on the mood and vibe you’re going for.

TBH, Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

For that chocolate spread loving family member or friend. TBH has 50% less sugar than *insert famous chocolate spread name here* and it’s just as delicious. I love the boldness of the packaging too. Guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Fishwife, The Classic Smokey Trio

It wouldn’t be a complete 2023 grocery gift guide if I didn’t include tinned fish. The perfect gift for a fish loving friend, Fishwife is not only delicious but the packaging may be some of the best-looking out there at the moment.

Nonny Beer, Lime Gose

Alcoholic beers have had the lime light for hundreds of years, but now there is an array of delicious and beautiful non-alcoholic brands to enjoy or gift to the designated driver. Nonny is one of my favorites, with awesome cans and with their recent, Lime Gose, something for every occasion.