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Meet Steph Peng, founder of Redbloom


Introduce yourself and your brand!

My name is Steph and I’m the Founder & CEO of Redbloom, the world’s first gut-friendly chili crisp for spice-lovers with sensitive tummies. Our mission is to naturally heal the gut and body in the most delicious way possible.

Tell us why you launched a chili oil- and how exactly were you able to make it a good-for-you product?

When I got IBS, I lost the ability to eat spicy foods - I became out of touch with my culture and identity. I created Redbloom to save people from eating bland food. Natural fats are great agents to microencapsulate spicy compounds to prevent “consequences”, making chili oil the perfect form factor. We only use natural ingredients and clean oils - superfoods and prebiotics that are packed with vitamins and phytonutrients

In your origin story, you talk about using AI to create the perfect chili oil. How does AI play a role in gut health and chili oil?

We’re marching towards a world where whole foods are synthesized into powders, pills, and gummies. Redbloom is here to take a stance on a whole food future. We leverage AI to select natural ingredients with flavor profiles and molecular properties that work with our bodies - it’s tastier and healthier.

If there’s one thing you want our audience to take away from this, from gut health, chili sauce, to your business, what’s the one thing you want them to remember?

Spicy compounds have a direct linkage to longevity. Regularly eating spicy food can improve gut health and decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease