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Beyond food and drink: CBD is taking over new product categories.

The internet is saturated with brands selling CBD oils, snacks and sodas – now brands are finding new ways to package this ingredient up.

Brand roundup

A few years ago, CBD wasn’t on anyone’s radar. If asked, most people wouldn’t have had a clue what the substance – cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants – was. But now it’s everywhere, with brands promising that it can fix almost anything that’s wrong with us. From anxiety to acne, CBD brands have your back.

The US Farm Bill’s passing in 2018, which made industrial hemp legal, set the wheels in motion for CBD’s takeover of the beauty, food and drink aisles. And there are few signs of this momentum slowing: in the next two years, the CBD market is expected to hit $22bn. At Thingtesting, we’ve been watching closely as brands have moved beyond oils and drinks to find new, weird and wonderful ways to sell this novel ingredient. Here are 10 brands we’ve spotted using CBD in unexpected ways.