November 30th, 2023:

Brands spotted

This week's roundup includes the launch of Sums, a brand making sustainable running socks. Personally I love niche sock brands, so I'm excited to see how this one performs.

Submitted by the community, Mischief Brew's short soda cans caught my eye, as did Clue Perfumery because I love all the funky perfume brands launching that are making the packaging an opportunity for an artful moment. A friend tipped me off to Humanhome (even though they've been in our directory for some time now) and I ended up spending the weekend scrolling their site, because you can never have enough lighting, right?

I also spotted NORD's solid perfumes on TikTok and Subtle Impact's exercise weights that also function as decor.

Moral of the story? Brands across the board are finally mixing function and beauty.