March 16th, 2023

Brands spotted:

This week’s roundup is a special edition of brands I spotted while out in Los Angeles staying with my friend Max, who happens to be a cofounder of Western Disco.

On my first day in town we went to Canyon Coffee where I became obsessed with their Pistachio Matcha that’s available on tap. Turns out they have a subscription service where you can order their coffee to your door. As for the pistachio matcha— you’ll have to hit their Echo Park cafe.

On the topic of clothing, I spotted Monte Rosa at the Mister Green store in Silver Lake and yesnoyes when I complimented a woman on her hat at Tartine, who turned out to be Janelle Kroll, the designer and creator of the brand.

Back to food for just a second while I tell you about Ode to Aabel, made by Max’s friend, Jasani Jacobs, who I had the privilege of spending time with last week and even got a behind the scenes look at his process from making the hot sauce to bottling.

The rest of the brands on the list were spotted in other corners of the city.

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