July 28th, 2022:

Chris Black's brands spotted

This week, friend of Thingtesting Chris Black, takes over brands spotted to share 9 brands on his radar. You can read his community feature from February right here.

Hi Chris, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about the brands you've rounded up.

My name is Chris Black, and I am the co-host of How Long Gone and the founder of Done To Death Projects. There have never been more brands, but some are better than others. This week I put together a list of things that stood out to me recently.

Shiro is making the best socks on the planet. Casa Bosques chocolate is delicious, and the packaging is beautiful. Homecoming has some of the best coffee beans you can buy online. The rest of the list covers everything from trail running shoes and customizable keychains to vegan cookies.

Keep reading to see his full list of 9 new brands spotted.

Photo by Cobey Arner