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WAJU makes flavorful sparkling water sourcing both its water and flavor from organic and natural fruit juices.


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2 months ago

Friends with WAJU

Gorgeous packaging made me smile and take notice. The taste is subtle and fresh especially cold with light carbonation... this felt like a treat without the calories. Love the functional beverage thing. They were selling out so it's harder to get my hands on more. Personally my favorite flavor was lemon. Saving the world's water sources by up cycling organic water from fruit concentrate making? Yes please.

5 months ago

Refreshing bev, subtle strawberry (by no means would I consider it boring). Only three ingredients! I want to sip it, poolside.

8 months ago

Definitely recommend. I'm always on the search for healthier, low-sugar alternatives, and I was pleasantly surprised by Waju. I tried the Strawberry Voyage and it was light, refreshing, and had a good, natural strawberry taste. Nothing artificial about it. Would buy again and will try the other flavors!


At first I didn't realize it was suppose to be sparkling; it was missing that fizzy bite for me. But that did not bother me much, and it felt like a water/juice with a tiny bit of fizz.