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True Hydration makes hydration drinks that meet all the objectives of intracellular hydration

True Hydration  Reviews

True Hydration reviews


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2 reviews

2 hours ago

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These drinks were absolutely amazing I noticed after the first can that my hydration was better I could see it in my arms when I get dehydrated I noticed how wrinkly my arms get around my bicep and within one can that was gone now mind you I had to keep drinking it because it's not going to disappear after one can so now after drinking two cases one with the straight lemon one is my favorite because it has no sweetener but the lemonade was tasty I just don't like the artificial sweetener aspect but I am in the process of trying to order more I wish I could buy it someplace locally today as I need it now!!! Thank you for creating this amazing product 🙏😁

14 days ago

Mixed… i thought one flavor was pretty good but the lemonade one is questionable. I think as a brand, its unique but I don’t have much to say either good or bad.