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Tona created the premium, innovative leggings made exclusively for girls

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7 months ago

Leggings that are designed “by one of the designers from lululemon”, but cost more. That’s the first error with this brand to charge more for their product than Lululemon or Athleta. I expected them to be thicker, softer and just overall better given the price point and the hype. I was lured by the marketing so I ordered a couple sizes. I went with my Lulu size and one down. They recommended sizing down. They arrived fairly quickly. Both size 4 and 6 fit me. For reference I am 155#, 5-6” and usually a 6 in Lululemon or athleta. Both were returned and the reason was mainly due to the waistband. They rolled down on me even when bending over. I can’t imagine them holding up during deadlifts where you’re constantly bending over. Sitting down was very annoying in the leggings. I didn’t have them on long before I knew I was returning them. If they were priced below $75 that would make them more appropriate not $138 which they charge. For that price they better be damn good. And they were meh. I prefer my lululemon aligns or the athleta salutation or elation leggings. The waistband rolls down on the athleta salutation but i get those on sale for under $70 and they’re n much softer and more opaque. Customer service was nice, will give them that. But I returned them 10 days ago and still waiting on my refund. 12/25 update I finally got my refund a month later and dozens of emails asking for my money back. Do not recommend. For the price look into Athleta, Vuori or almost any other.