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Ting's makes plant-based, nutrient-dense foods with jackfruit.


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8 months ago

A perfectly lightly sweet, crunchy snack! I can’t wait for the line to expand with more flavors (a spicy one would be so good) and love the branding.

a year ago

The snack I never knew I needed! Love the crunch, they’re so addicting and just the amount of sweetness I need to curb my cravings. Plus the packaging is hella cute.

a year ago

I love that they are so crunchy and a perfect combination of sweetness and savory. You can really taste the Jackfruit and such a clean ingredient label...... total winner!!

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a year ago

I don't just like these chips because they're healthy and guilt-free - they're actually delicious. Super crunchy, not oily at all, and the perfect amount of natural sweetness. My favorite snack to take with me for any outdoor adventures.

a year ago

When you don't want something super salty and you don't want sugary candy, but you want something crispy, lightly sweet, and possibly GUILT FREE -- reach for Ting's. It is the perfect combination of crispy and delicious, and not only because the bag says so. The chips are thick, due to the actual anatomy of jackfruit, and have this amazing CRONCH that satisfies even the pickiest muncher. To be clear, this is not dried fruit. This is not freeze-dried fruit. This is not fruit leather. To call this a fruit snack...while technically correct, the kind of snack craving that Ting's chips fulfills would absolutely not be something a fruit could ever satisfy. Welch's or gummies could never. Period.


Being in stock more often, always sold out.

a year ago

Friends with Ting's

I love jackfruit, and I’m always on the hunt for cool, new jackfruit products! Love these chips—simple, but delicious.


Would be cool to see additional flavors!

a year ago

I’ve already had so many bags of Ting’s Chips and I still haven’t had enough! The chips are super crunchy and light unlike other generic chip brands out there and you’d hardly guess they were fried with oil. These chips are perfect for any occasion and I’d definitely recommend giving them a try♥️

a year ago

I liked this product so much! I’m a person who usually loves eating crisp and can’t stop eating until the bag is empty, and I had the same thing here. The product taste sooo good and I didn’t feel bad after eating the full bag at once🤫