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Siligrams make a variety of high-quality silicone molds to make custom ice.

Siligrams Reviews

Siligrams reviews


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3 months ago

Firstly, they must have used amazing lighting to get their cubes to look good. I'm attaching pictures of 'their pic' on the left and the reality of how mine look on the right(I took several in different locations with different lighting.) Additionally, notice on 'their' pic you see a line at the top and bottom of 'bar 431'. Mine arrived without that detail. So when I reached out to them, they sent me a pic of what I 'approved'(pic also attached.) Of course, I was looking to make sure that I had no typos. It NEVER occurred to me to say 'hey, where is the line at the top and the bottom.' When I wrote to them, they weren't interested in helping me. Now, when I said 'okay....when I approved that since it didn't have those lines, how would I go about making sure I got the one in the pic if I ordered again?' Crickets. At the end of the day, I wasted $90 for a terrible product and terrible customer service. I'll go back to the drawing board for the gift for my friend.