Passion Tree Hard Seltzer

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Passion Tree makes a range of hard seltzers featuring fruity flavors.

Passion Tree Hard Seltzer Reviews

Passion Tree Hard Seltzer reviews


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5 reviews

a year ago

As a gluten free guy, craft beers are unfortunately not on my menu. However, once I was introduced to passion tree, this really opened up hard seltzer’s to me. I’ve tried white claw, truly and several others prior to passion tree. I was never impressed. So i initially I was skeptical about passion tree. A friend gave me one of each flavor to try and ever since then I’ve been on the auto ship option direct from the passion tree website. The light carbonation is awesome making it easier to drink. The flavors are unique and outside of the box, but definitely hit the spot! I’m looking forward to summer and will have the outdoor fridge ready to go!

a year ago

GAME CHANGER! I used to not like seltzer until I tried Passion Tree. It’s the light carbonation that did it for me. I used to get very bloated when I drank seltzer or even beer. This is now my go to drink because it goes down so easy and doesn’t make me feel full. I absolutely LOVE that they plant a tree for ever pack sold, it makes me feel like I’m drinking with a purpose! The flavors are all outstanding and don’t taste artificial in any way. Even my mom and older family member love them! After a year of drinking Passion Tree I still don’t know which flavor I like the most, they’re all flipping amazing! Also, the fact it has more alcohol than other seltzer is definitely a plus for me :) 10/10 highly recommend!

a year ago

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This is legit the best seltzer I’ve tried. The low carbonation is a true game changer. Love the different flavors & you don’t get that synthetic chemical aftertaste that you do with the other ones seltzers. 10/10


Highly recommend! I find them at Ralphs or Total Wine so a bit hard to find & wish they were at more places.

2 years ago

Always fun to test a variety pack to figure out your favorite flavor - for me the passion fruit hit the spot. Refreshing taste. Definitely not too sweet which is a non-starter for me. I enjoyed the light fizz - giving the sparkling water vibe. I also really appreciate that it is lower alcohol than a lot of other alcoholic drink options on the market without a bitter aftertaste. Would recommend to others.

2 years ago

I really like how this Hard Seltzer is lightly carbonated making it really easy to drink and doesn't make you feel bloated. Also, I love the mission behind the brand where they plant a tree for every case sold!