Opera Campi

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World's finest and most innovative Hemp, made in Italy. Born in 2018 from the history of our grandparents, we create fabrics and garments.

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May 2018
January 2020
Parma, Italy
Alberto Ziveri
Beatrice Corazza
Fabrizio Bertozzi
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About Opera Campi
Opera Campi develops in Italy fabrics and garments with the highest Hemp composition.
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2 months ago

I am the founder of the brand, and I am giving 4 stars. Hope customers will be able to soon review it on this amazing website as many are already doing on Trustpilot. Why 4 stars? My point of view in the improvement box.


Opera Campi is not a perfect brand, since we are very innovative. Any product we make is made from the yarn, we don't buy fabrics, we buy yarns, and sometimes even plants. Since we are in Italy, we can follow the process from the start. This means it's extremely difficult, a level of difficulty that surpasses most brands that just buy standard fabrics, cut them, and deliver the products. Difficulty means more imperfection. Our products won't look like your latest pair of recycled neat polyester, or like the beautiful Cashmere jumper of the 57th color. Our product won't look artisanal either. They look pure and innovative. We use Hemp in a way nobody uses, that's why we are not perfect. But our imperfection demonstrates our quality, our craftmanship, our innovation. I'll give 5 stars once we'll be able to reach with Hemp the same "neat, professional look" a cotton/polyester/cashmere garment can be able to reach.