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Nanobag makes practical, ultralight, foldable, and reusable bags

Nanobag Reviews

Nanobag reviews


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2 reviews

3 months ago

Very lightweight and I’ve received compliments on the pattern. Perhaps not the most durable thing in the world,

7 months ago

I bought the sling bag from their Kickstarter. First, the bag material is very slick so if you’re trying to put something into it with one hand, it can be difficult. It does fold down very tiny. I can say it does fit me crossbody as the sling is meant to do but as a bigger person it comes up a bit higher than I’d like, around my elbow area along my side. I have a hard time believing that it is a 19-liter bag as I daily carry an 11-liter sling and it feels a lot smaller than that. I’d rather stick with my Chico Vita bag overall. I feel like I can fit more stuff in the Chico.