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Mama Teav's sells a hot garlic condiment spread.

Mama Teav's Reviews

Mama Teav's reviews


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4 reviews

a year ago

I'm a long time fan of crispy chili oil and try new brands whenever I see them. Most do not make the cut as favorites to buy on repeat, but this one definitely does. It's crispy enough for those like like a good, consistent crunch - which so important! The flavor profile is great - a tiny bit too hot for *my* taste, but I really don't think it would apply to most people. Just the right mix of oil too. It's overall a huge winner. A quick, tasty meal is a bowl of pasta and this. (I put jars in Christmas stocking this year!)

2 years ago

I'm obsessed with this hot garlic. As someone who always has lao gan ma in my pantry, I'm glad Mama Teav's has a completely different flavor profile and doesn't overlap with any other chili/hot oils I have in my pantry. It's not particularly salty but very fragrant and I LOVE the garlic crisps in it. I also love the oil to crisp ratio - there's definitely enough oil so you won't be digging in dry crisps at the end. The original is quite spicy for me as a spicy eater so I generally use it sparingly!


I love the label and marketing of the product as well!!

a year ago

This stuff is SO good, especially if you wany a more garlic-forward flavor than most traditional chili crisps have. I tried the original to get the full experience but think it’s so flavorful that it doesn’t even need the spice. I’m going to try the mild next time for more straight garlic flavor. Also love that it’s family owned and inspired by their mom.

a year ago

I love lao gan ma and have tried a number of other types of chili oil (Fly by Jing, Momofuku) but this is my favorite take on a chili oil (I know it's not chili oil! but it is spicy and in oil, and it is delicious). I put this on tomato salads with herbs and fish sauce, in soup, on eggs, on toast, and on a spoon directly into my mouth. So garlicky, so good.