Jillies Dress Weights

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Jillies makes reusable, stick-on dress weights.

Jillies Dress Weights Reviews

Jillies Dress Weights reviews


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6 reviews

a year ago

A very windy wedding! The weather couldn’t be colder or windier and many guests were not as lucky as me to be wearing jillies so the traditional church steps picture was less than attractive for many - but I looked picture perfect thanks to jillies! Recommend it for all occasions when wearing dresses, skirts or flowy tops!!!

a year ago

I bought Jillies because I am constantly on the road for work and this product was the perfect addition to all my outfits during my work trip in Chicago. It works perfectly with everything, even suit jackets. I recommend this product for anyone who has to be on the go and has to look their best rain or shine!

a year ago

typical days spent with a dog leash in 1 hand and a coffee in my other, I have zero ability to fix my dress that flys up while walking but thanks to Jillies I do!! Love love love! 10/10 for this product 👏🏻👏🏻

a year ago

ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Can't imagine not having this incredible product. As a NYC commuter, I was always cautious to wear my flowy dresses and skirts. You never know when you're on a block thats a wind tunnel, when a subway will quickly pass by, or when going up and down stairs turns into an embarassing moment of showing too much skin. NOW with my Jillies, I can grab them, stick them to my dress, and go out the door with out any hesitation.

a year ago

I keep Jillies in my bag at all times whenever I wear a dress. They are so easy to use and just stick right on. I got them for all of my bridesmaids and they loved them 🥰🥰

a year ago

10/10 would recommend!! Jillies saved me big time during my family photography session last week. Our photos were at the beach on a super windy day. Everything was flying in the wind except for my dress thanks to Jillies. They are truly the best!!