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Frost buddy creates innovative drinkware to elevate the drinking experience

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1 review

8 months ago

I have had weight loss surgery and so sometimes it takes me a long time to finish my drinks. I got the To-Go Buddy a couple months ago and it keeps my drink coldish for a couple hours which is usually enough time for me to finish it. The side benefit is I don’t have to worry about getting wet hands from condensation on the cup. It fits my car cup holder. I have the Universal Buddy and Universal Buddy XL on the way and I’m excited to try them. The downside to the To-Go Buddy is obviously one that can’t always be avoided and that is that super large drinks may not fit. It has a special collar insert to help smaller drinks fit. It does come with a lid so that you can pour your drink into it and use it as a tumbler if your drink doesn’t fit, but beware if you’ve been using it for a while and suddenly need to pour a drink; you’re probably going to want to rinse it out before you pour anything into it. It can look a bit gross in there from debris from condensation and stuff. If you don’t like the designs on offer, download the app and sign up for the newsletter. They often launch new styles in those places and you may not see them on the site.