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Forij Mushrooms offers unique mushroom fruiting kits to grow your own delicious mushrooms at home.

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Canada, U.S.
March 2020
May 2021
Vancouver, Canada
Jennifer Dou
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Female-founded, Asian-founded
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About Forij Mushrooms
Located in British Columbia, FORIJ is the result of a collaboration between five friends with a love of mycology and sustainable agriculture. We feel there is nothing quite as satisfying as watching mushrooms pin, expand, and grow into beautiful fruiting bodies. Our mission is to make fungi education, cultivation, and medicine more accessible for all.  We are purveyors of a Fungal Renaissance. We are undergoing a new Fungal Renaissance--more than ever, the Western world is beginning to understand the potentials of fungi. While most North American grocery stores typically sell your average button mushroom, the FORIJ team wants to show you that all sorts of exotic, delicious, nutritious mushrooms can be grown with ease. From Lion's Mane and Tropical Oysters to Reishi and Shiitake, over the last decade research has been pouring in about how beneficial it is for our society to consume more fungi. Mycoremediation is a model for a greener planet. Fungi have been discovered to degrade manmade pollutants at a highly effective rate. Fungi break down plastics, oil spills, used cigarette butts, and even radioactive pollutants when other strategies have failed. Fungi consume these toxins and convert them into clean energy, by returning carbon dioxide into plant roots that can be then photosynthesized into oxygen. By growing (and eating) more mushrooms, we can all participate in mycoremediation. Mushrooms are delicious and so much can be done with them to heal our earth and nurture the environment.
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Forij Mushrooms

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I ordered a Pink Oyster Kit and not only was it amazing to watch grow, the mushrooms were extremely flavourful. The kit pinned within days and shortly after that we had a full flush of them. The new boxes look gorgeous, I can’t wait to get another kit!

Lovely customer supportGood for gifts 🎁High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Fun unboxing 📦Tasty 😋Amazing websiteEco-friendly packagingSustainable productsLuxury
13 days ago

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