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five CBD sells pure, full-spectrum CBD oil.

five CBD Reviews

five CBD reviews


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4 reviews

6 months ago

Have ordered their Full Spectrum products a couple of times and they're very tasty and give a buzz that I wasn't fully expecting from a legal THC product—I am a lightweight, though.

6 months ago

Very effective! Love that they are super transparent about third party testing and accessing lab results for your specific batch is very straightforward. One thing I’ve noticed is there can be a bit of inconsistency in flavor between batches (some taste more…herbal than others) but overall it’s not a big deal because it really is a great product!

5 months ago

I use the Sleep gummies anytime I can't sleep or know I have to be up early in the morning. I keep them handy in my nightstand and have them on subscription, that's how good they are! Buzz ones are good too!

6 months ago


I have tried the daily buzz and the sleep gummies. The daily buzz has the perfect level of effect where I can still function while helping bring down my anxiety. The sleep gummies put me out in minutes much better than any other product I have tried. Also, no matter which you choose the flavor is fantastic!