Everyday Dose

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Everyday Dose makes a coffee substitute from functional mushrooms and other beneficial supplements.

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Everyday Dose Reviews

14 days ago

Wasn't for me. I'm sensitive to caffeine, especially coffee, and I was hoping this would be a better alternative with a low coffee amount and l-theanine to ease the anxiety I usually get. However, it still tastes really similar to coffee and gave me the same effects. The starter kit and branding is really sleek though, which made me try it in the first place.


Possibly a good option if you like coffee, and the starter kit seems like a good value. Get the $5 sampler kit to try, and remember to cancel the subscription if it isn't for you (I forgot and when they renewed my subscription, they shipped it the same day so I couldn't get a refund).

Cool look & feelFun unboxing 📦
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