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Dosaze designs and engineers innovative pillows and sleep technology.

Dosaze Reviews

Dosaze reviews


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10 months ago

I don't know why people would say it's a scam. I got this pillow after trying (over the years) dozens of pillows. I've had this pillow for almost a year and I love it. It supports my neck and head just perfectly whether I'm sleeping on my back (use the middle of the pillow) or either side (use the end of the pillow). Very easy and it's always quite comfortable. It's not too hard or too soft. If you don't like memory foam because it can retain some heat - just put a cooling pillow case on it! I've been so happy with this pillow that I've recommended it to family members....that says a lot. One tip - get the real one from the Dosaze site, as the cheaper ones on Amazon look like Chinese knock-offs, to me.

a year ago

I had high hopes for this pillow from all of the good reviews but it's a thin memory foam pillow with an indent for your neck for back sleeping. I had more shoulder pain from using this flat too soft pillow than with the pillow i was trying to replace. When trying to initiate a return they wanted me to donate this pillow with proof of reciept for a refund but no charities want used pillows due to bed bug issues.

2 years ago

I needed a new pillow and had limited time to search for one. I tried Google and made a selection. That was a mistake. I fell right into the scam that is Dosaze. They have Google paid up with one BS link after another posing as a pillow comparison or best pillows list, but all are just marketing nonsense. Had I taken more time to read, I would have seen how similar they all were. Now the pillow is here(after a week to deliver) I paid just over $150 for their ergonomic pillow($99) and the accompanying pillow case($29) plus shipping. As soon as I removed the pillow from the box, I knew it was just another cheap Chinese memory foam knock-off. It's the same as many that you can get on Amazon for $20-30 with NO improvements whatsoever. As a matter of fact, most of the offerings on Amazon appear to be better than this. At least they aren't a total ripoff! When I emailed to initiate return under their "60 night trial" I was informed that I can swap to another one of their products, that appears to be slightly less of a ripoff, at only 100% markup over Amazon, or I will have to pay return shipping. Of course that's hidden a mile down on their website, but the 60 night trial is all over the top line. Plain and simple, this is a scam. They are spending tons of cash on marketing and selling people cheap Chinese junk for premium prices. They have no premium products! Please stay away from this company and always do your research!!!!


Stop scamming people. Be honest about you cheap products and sell them for a fair price.

2 years ago

Innovative product that relieves neck and shoulder tension when I sleep. I love the super soft feel of the pillow and how it cradles my neck when I sleep. It's really improved my quality of sleep, and I couldn't recommend this pillow enough!

2 years ago

Happened to stumble upon Dosaze's orthopedic pillows and thought I'd give it a go after reading such high praise. With a 60 day trial run, I had nothing to lose. My pillow came within a couple days and was extremely satisfied with my recent nights of sleep! I toss and turn when I sleep so I needed a pillow that would withstand the movement and Dosaze holds strong. With great support and comfort, I'm extremely satisfied with the pillow and their cooling pillowcase .