Cocoon Skincare

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Cocoon Skincare offers a collection of hormone-balancing skincare supplements to treat acne.

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Cocoon Skincare Reviews

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11 days ago


I had always struggled with a consistent amount of acne on my chin, once one problem healed another would pop up. I tried a few medications and topicals but dermatologists eventually told me there wasn’t anything they could do as it was hormonal. Insecure and defeated a friend recommended Cocoon and within the first month I noticed a difference and now after three I can confidently say my skin has never been better. I keep it on display in my bathroom so I never forget to take it and also because the packaging is so clean and beautiful, like my new skin! Thanks Cocoon!

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5 months ago


I've tried a few different topical creams and none really worked for me. I did some research to better understand my skin, and found Cocoon. A friend of mine suggested it, and after looking at the ingredients I figured it couldn't hurt to at least try it. A few weeks later, my skin has totally cleared up. I like that it's a supplement and isn't full of chemicals. Great product, fast shipping, and nice packaging!

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