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Clean Circle provides high-quality bamboo reusable products to eliminate single-use cotton rounds and makeup wipes for years to come

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9 months ago

I have tried Clean Circle products and they are all amazing! I have been incorporating their products into my skincare routine. The products have cute and aesthetic packaging, easy to use, reusable (I don't think I will go back to my usual disposable pads!). I really like the konjac sponge as it helps me moisturize. The problem I had was, I really get dry skin (ever since!) and it really is compostable. ♥♥♥ As for the skincare pads, it is bigger than the supermarket skincare pads so you can also wipe my neck, which I really love, and you could really compare that it has a soft and high-quality fabric to the ones in the supermarket. Annnnnnd, as for the makeup pads, it really is wiping all the makeup on my face! ♥ Even if I rub it, my face doesn't get red. And I should not forget the tip part as I can remove my under-eye make up properly.


So far, I haven't encountered any problems with their products. In fact, I love how they included a laundry bag so I can just throw my skincare and makeup pads in the washing machine. I could say that their products are the best and do their thing!