Byte Bars

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Byte Bars makes a variety of vegan and gluten-free snack bars.

Byte Bars Reviews

Byte Bars reviews


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5 reviews

a month ago

Great taste and fills you up. Great for work when no time to eat.

4 months ago

Extremely similar to a Larabar, but with cuter packaging. It tastes like chopped fruits and nuts basically, but they have a great smell and colorful labeling.

5 months ago

Meh, I could go without eating another one of these bars. I liked the cinna cherry more than the choco chip. The chocochip was really dry. I gave my other piece of the cinna cherry to my co-worker and she told me she didn't care for it at all and that it tasted like bird food.. It's also a bit overpriced as well. I do like how I know all the ingredients on the package though. It truly is all natural!

7 months ago

So yummy! No weird after taste like some energy bars can have. I'm a fan of the natural ingredients and super stand-out packaging as well. I did find a tiny piece of something metallic on my bar, but I know mistakes happen, so it's not a huge concern for me. It was $5 for one, but I feel like it was worth it.

2 years ago

Works for Byte Bars

The Lemmy Razz Byte Bar is my absolute favorite protein bar on the market. The flavor is 10/10 and I love the added dried raspberries, pumpkin seeds, and oats for texture. Nut-Free!


More flavors please!