Ralphie and Alice

    Jolie P 1 Review

    2 years ago

    For Christmas 2021, I got to try their Pop Stix balm, moisturizer, and face wash. Their products were amazing. I especially enjoyed their moisturizer and the Pop Stix balm, both were moisturizing and the balm was the perfect tint and so smooth. Their moisturizer never made me have a break out, unlike others I've tried. Their ingredients and mission also resonates with me a lot. The prices are reasonable to me. I've used them all up since then, and am trying to save up to buy more of their products.


    Nothing comes to mind, I've been really impressed with everything. They changed their packaging for their face wash from a glass bottle to a new, eco-friendly bottle, which was an improvement for me, because I usually use my face wash in the shower, and dropping glass in the shower would be pretty bad. I am currently reusing the glass bottle for something else.