Tricia N 1 Review

    3 months ago

    Be aware of what you are getting - the quality of this brand is good, the material is thick, and well made. It is a bit persnickety to wash since you cannot dry it, so be aware you are buying a high maintenance item. But overall the quality is good and the products are nice, BUT I can only give them a 2-star review for their ridiculous return/exchange policy and SLOW customer support. I bought three Christmas gifts when a special collaboration dropped on 10/27. After giving one of the items on Christmas (12/25) I need to make an even exchange - I reached out immediately, and after 3 full days of trying to get ahold of them on the "live chat bot" and emailing them I got an email back saying they would not make the exchange because it was more than 30 days since the purchase of the item. I am not sure if they expect people to be able to buy these things as gifts, but if you cannot make an exchange past 30 days it's going to be pretty impossible to actually give this to anyone. So much for not waiting until the last minute to get gifts - it's pretty much a hose job here. If I would have waited until 30 days before Christmas to be within their rules I most likely would have NEVER gotten my items (since there are also several complaints on various sites about their slow delivery), but since I was proactive it bit me anyway because now I cannot exchange one of them. I will not buy anything else from them, though the quality is good the high maintenance wash requirements coupled with the bad customer support does not inspire me to spend $170+ on a sweatshirt. Definitely not "Happy" about this.