Rent The Runway

    Kim C 1 Review

    a year ago

    I had the middle-tier plan which was for 4 pieces / 2 exchanges. Also, please note I have used RTR twice before and had gotten the hang of their system, which was a little confusing at first. I had rented 4 pieces for the first half of the month and then swapped on March 13th. I returned 3 pieces the next day and selected 3 new pieces to be shipped to me for a special occasion on the 17th. When the 17th rolled around, I realize my order hadn't shipped. I checked with RTR, and they said it hadn't shipped because I needed to fill one more spot. I was confused, knowing that my plan only included 4 pieces at a time, that was what I selected. They then informed me that there was a brand new feature where they had added an extra spot that month, so now I would have a total of 5, and it doesn't ship until all slots are filled. Unfortunately, I missed the occasion I needed for and I was leaving the country by the time any shipment could reach me. So now, because of timing, I can't use my swap. I asked for some sort of partial refund since it was THEIR tech add that was outside the normal scope, which caused me to not have my shipment go through. Customer service replied, "I'm afraid that our membership charges are nonrefundable, so I won't be able to refund for part of the plan fee." To save a few bucks, they've lost a customer for life.


    Better customer service. Its a bummer that I didn't get used out of my subscription and that I didn't have something to wear to my occasion. But its worse that RTR wasn't willing to at least credit for a mistake that they were partly responsible for. I appreciate that they added another spot, but I didn't want it. I wanted the 4 pieces I paid for and that I understood to be part of my plan. The results were that I didn't even get that .