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Sammy S
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2 months ago


I wanted to love this company and their bras, but after spending almost $300 on a selection of six, my purchase is sadly filed under 2022 regrets.


The custom laundry bag I bought for delicate washing holds only one bra, and the zipper (even when tucked) opens during the wash cycle more often then not (an issue noted by many other reviewers). An old-fashioned lingerie bag that holds six or more bras and is available for half the price works far better. The Multiway Strapless bra has a plasticky gripper band that left red welts on my chest that scaled and bled, leaving me uncomfortable for over a week after removing the bra-- far worse than any underwire. Thinking I may have had a latex or other allergic reaction, I overlooked this experience, but later found that the Lift Up bra was inconsistently sized when compared with four other styles which fit me. Tags were still on but I was slightly outside the 30 day period, so Pepper declined my request for return or exchange. I am small chested with scrawny to slender build and had high hopes for my Pepper experience, but will not spend any more money after such a mixed experience and three unreturnable "misses" on pricey purchases. Results are too unreliable.

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