Mary B 1 Review

    a year ago

    I purchased this product after seeing an ad on Facebook. I was surprised and happy to find that it worked really well for me. I subscribed monthly and took this for 4 months. Then, the company offered a free month's supply for reviews. I wrote a review (which they currently feature on their website). I was thanked for the review and then was informed by email that my "free" order had been canceled. They then charged me for my order and then never delivered it. I found the product was available on Amazon, and I then ordered it from Amazon, hoping the delivery would be more reliable. I got one month's supply and then the company discontinued their product. I was disappointed. A few months ago, I got an email saying that they'd worked out their production issues and were back in business. I signed up for a subscription and received my product. I was billed for my order over the next three months, but they never actually delivered it. I have emailed the company 8 times. I have sent them a message via Facebook. They haven't bothered to get back to me. Not once.


    I love the product, but they offer absolutely the WORST customer support. As in - there IS NONE. If someone else would make this, I'd be thrilled to purchase it from a company that actually gave a flying f&ck.