• One Trick Pony

    Farrin K 1 Review

    a year ago

    As someone who eats one jar of peanut butter a night with her fingers, I have a lot of experience with this topic. You’d be surprised how much a difference one single ingredient makes. What’s most surprising is even with just these two ingredients, it has all the flavor of other brands packed with preservations or artificial sweeteners. The size of the crunchy peanuts is extremely cool and is sure to meet the demands of even crunchy naysayers - adds the perfect crunch without being too offensive. Lastly , eating the entire jar did not wreak havoc on my digestive system as expected with other brands. Even the puppy one is dank , especially if you want to pour it directly down your throat or drink it with a straw. I personally love to dip dates in the crunchy one for the perfect 3 am snack. And I also love to go on dates where all we do is dip things in peanut butter if you know what I mean


    If you’re considering the brand I don’t see why you wouldn’t just go for it. It’s healthy and has a cute container you can use as a vase after. Not to mention the founder is cute