Single & Fat

    Robert C 1 Review

    a year ago

    By far the best olive oil I’ve used. I’ve been cooking almost daily for 10+ years and this blew me away. I had a few olive oils around my kitchen and had a friend set up a blind taste test to see how this compared. Keep in mind one of the other oils used in the test was from a small farm in Italy I went to on a recent trip, along with 2 other high end brands from Whole Foods. Single and Fat was by far superior is every way. Taste. Smell. Flavor. Mouth feels. All of it. I will never be able to use another oil. I know, this sounds board line crazy, I’d think that too reading this having not tried it yet. Just do yourself a favor and buy some. Everything I just said will make sense and your kitchen/mouth will thank you.


    Nothing it’s literally perfect. Maybe you don’t want to trust a stranger from the internet? Try it. See for yourself. Then realize maybe you should trust more strangers from the internet at least in regards to the quality of a new olive oil.