William C 1 Review

    2 years ago

    Just got my first few candles to see which scent I liked best and I'm so happy with all of them. Chainlink and Country Club are the winners for me. The ingredients and fragrances are super unique and not your everyday approach to candles. Country club reminds me of being young at the cabin during the summer stealing looks at the other boys at the boat house. Chainlink brings me back to the late nights that turned into early mornings. I know its meant to be a NYC kinda feel, but I get sent straight back to Paris with this scent. Reminds me of waiting for the metro to open back up while I still taste the lingering whiskey and smoke on my breathe. Can't wait to burn through them so I can re-order.


    1 out of my 4 candles had a slightly crooked label. Not the end of the world for personal use, but I would want it to look perfect if I was giving it as a client gift. Otherwise everything is spot on and branded so nicely. I also have some others that I haven't smelled yet. A smaller sized sample pack would be AWESOME. Could be great to use as smaller candles in the office or bathroom while giving customers a sneak peek at the other scents available.