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    Maxwell C 1 Review

    a year ago

    Works for Vela Bikes

    I was intrigued by Vela's unique e-bike design (and frankly, the cool marketing) and have been using my bike in NYC for about 6 months. You get a lot for what you pay for - for the lower cost end of e-bike prices, you get the feel and personal touch of the big ones like Vanmoof. Highlights for me are over the air updates, the removable battery, and being able to lock and unlock the bike from anywhere. I would recommend it for a first time bike rider like myself. I almost forgot - trust me, get one of the Grudi phone holders... it's a must. I feel naked without my phone there on the handlebar.


    Though it's an e-bike, it's still a bike. If you're going to be commuting every day on a bike for the first time like I did, be ready to change a flat tire or adjust your brakes every once in a while. Knowing the local bike shop is a must.