Travis D 1 Review

    2 months ago

    DO NOT OPEN A SUBSCRIPTION WITH THIS COMPANY! I had been using Soylent products off and on since they were created. I remember watching the interviews with the guy who invented it sitting at his computer and talking about how he got frustrated at making time to eat. I was a really big fan. I had a subscription and everything. I occasionally skipped an order when money was tight, but their sms system made that really easy. Until it didn’t. On Sunday, December 24th, I got a message about my upcoming delivery. I was really relieved, because with the holidays I really couldn’t afford it right now. So, like normal when funds were tight, I skipped the shipment. I RECIEVED TEXT MESSAGE CONFIRMATION THAT MY ORDER WAS BEING SKIPPED AND WOULD NOT BE RENEWED UNTIL APRIL 22. Naturally, when the product showed up a week later at my doorstep, I was perplexed. I contacted the company, where I was informed that I was being billed, the order did go through, and they made it seem like it was my fault - I suppose in a way it was, my fault for opening a subscription with them. I asked if I could return the product and cover shipping, they declined. I offered to return the product and meet them halfway (cover half the cost), and they declined. I have filed a complaint, but I haven’t heard anything substantial yet. I just didn’t want this to happen to anyone else, so I thought I’d start sharing my experience. I will modify this review if the company gets in contact with me.