Carolan D 1 Review

    4 months ago

    Former customer.

    I gave one star for the Night Magic. The company is a nightmare. I have used Night Oil for probably close to 4 years. It is an awesome product. I have had subscriptions for my daughter soon after I began. I had nothing but a good experience with all aspects of the company until sometime in the past year or 18 months. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get my products with one delay after another. You can't talk to anyone at Prima, so emails are the only option which is hit or miss with them. I recently received an email from someone named Zoe apologizing for all the problems and she promised me I'd get my order and a special gift for my trouble, but by the way your rewards have disappeared! Well, I finally got my package and alas it is missing one of my products, but there is the "gift". What a crock. Now I get to spend more time chasing down my purchase. Horrible company. I just want what I paid for in a timely manner. It's real simple.