Taylor C 1 Review

    5 months ago

    Received a free product from Buddy

    I’ll be honest, it’s rare I don’t have some sort of criticism or negative feedback. We’ve tried hundreds of products and multiple similar daily multivitamin single-use-pouch type of products and there is always an aspect I don’t love. We’re super honest, and pretty harsh with very high expectations, but I really don’t have anything I would change so far. The packaging is great, they come out of the box easily, but don’t just randomly fall out and the packs are easy to tear open. My dog had these for two days, yesterday and the day before with nothing extra one day and a few toppers the next to mimic how I would typically use them and she did great. She didn’t even notice they were there. She had no loose stool, no excess gas and basically no issues with the product whatsoever. Typically when we use just a multivitamin she also lumps a little as she’s 12 and has some hip and joint pain, but she also wasn’t limping either day. These definitely get a yes from us!