Judy N 1 Review

    2 months ago

    I have been using these products for a number of years. Hand soap, multi surface cleaner, bathroom, glass, laundry tablets and booster. Overall I like the company and what they aim to do. The products mostly do what they are supposed to do. I will continue to use their hand soaps as they are the best. The other are ok. I’ve stopped using the glass cleaner because it leaves streaks. I’m still using the others because I have the forever bottle and not using them feel like I’m creating unnecessary trash. I’ve stuck with the laundry tablets and booster for a few years for the same reason, because I bought the containers. However recently I started trying other laundry options as there are many more available now and at a better price. Main complaint about the laundry tablets is sometimes they don’t dissolve and I find myself have to re-wash. They clean ok. My biggest gripe from day one is the quality of the bottle pumps and sprayers. They stop working after awhile. I’ve needed to replace hand soap pumps and sprayers/nozzle a number of times. Initially they would replace them for free and now you have to buy them. I have other bottles that seems last much longer than their products. I had hoped that the company would have found a way to make things more reliable and last longer. Not sure how I feel about having to buy the replacement equipment to use their products. To top it off , replacements are not shipped for free so either you have to older the minimum amount or pay for shipping. So while I like some of their products, I’m not keen with the quality and customer satisfaction standards.