Phil T 1 Review

    5 months ago

    Gift for christmas

    This Mill kitchen composter was a Christmas gift and it’s been frustrating as I’ve tried repeatedly to sign into the app with no luck . I have not received a speedy return email from Mill to move forward with the app. I would like to return this unit for credit and emailed their customer care to request an RGA and a return prepaid label. They should pay the shipping back to their facility as they have designed the app to simply make $ for themselves in the form of a monthly or annual subscription service. The old fashion way to have a compost heap like my 99 year Mom had is more effective and does not cost a monthly subscription service and overwhelming better for the environment as there are no impact from environmental waste from vehicles picking up transporting the waste back to them . I will keep you informed if they stand behind their product and cover the return shipping costs and issue a full credit . This will be a test to see if they are an honest and customer friendly to do business with. Since this unit was a gift and paid in full and owned their instructions for use should be designed differently to bypass the app. This is a revenue generating product and I’m already turned off from even wanting to use it. There are reviews of this product out there not in support of this product so you can add this to the list.