ROAM Luggage

    Meg R 1 Review

    5 months ago

    Thanksgiving sale

    I bought Roam luggage because they are lightweight and liked the novel idea of picking my colors. I purchased during a Thanksgiving sale and received my luggage in Dec 2021, but I did not travel until after the 100 day warranty expired. Of the 3 suitcases that I bought, the first one to have the handle break was the Jaunt Expandable ($550). I had taken it on 2 trips, one within the US as a carry-on and one to Latin America where I had to check it for internal LATAM flights. The handle to pick up the suitcase (not the telescoping handle) broke in Argentina when I picked up the suitcase to walk up stairs. When I returned to the US, I mailed it back to Roam ($89 UPS Ground) and they replaced since it was under warranty, but I was responsible for the cost of shipping it back to Roam. I have not used it since then because I don’t want to be stuck with a broken suitcase again while traveling. The second suitcase had the same issue. I traveled with the Journey Expandable Midsize check-in in July 2022 (USA to Europe and back, with some internal flights) without any problems. My next opportunity to use the check-in suitcase was in Oct 2023. The top handle broke when I picked it up to leave my apartment for the airport. The weight was 33.5 lbs. On top of that, the compression straps to tighten down the contents pulled away from the body of the suitcase (cheap glue). I have not returned it to Roam because it will cost $80-100 to ship it back due to the dimensions of the case. In 40+ years of travel, I’ve never had luggage handles break in such a short amount of time and with barely any mileage. For $500-600 luggage, the handles should last longer. The suitcases look great on social media, but the quality is poor for the price. Unfortunately when I log into my Roam account, I'm not able to write a review, probably because I've had the suitcases for more than 2 years. If you’re going to spend $500-600 on luggage, go with a different brand and buy it from a company where you can take it back to a shop (to avoid the high shipping return fees in case you need to send it back). I’ve had Tumi, Samsonite Cosmolite, and Hartmann luggage that withstood years of heavy travel where the worst that happened was I had to replace the wheels after several years, but I was able to replace them myself. My mom's Costco luggage lasted longer than my Roam pieces. Like the other reviewer, I'm sharing this so that others don't waste their money.

    The Journey Expandable Mid-Size Check-inThe Jaunt Expandable Carry-on