Jan M 1 Review

    7 months ago

    Ordered a set of flannel, queen size sheets when I read the Globe and Mail article bout the company. The flannel sheets were several hundred dollars, and when I received them I found the pillow cases to be very short, they did not cover the pillow. About a month later, while shopping at costco, they were selling flannel sheets and since I only had the one set from Envello I picked up a set. These 50.00 flannel sheets actually fit better and the pillow cases are large enough to more than cover the queen pillows, for a 1/4 of the price. I did eventually reach out to the company to point out that in all likelihood I ended up with pillow covers meant for a twin and not a queen, but never heard back from the company. So still using the small pillow cases, but consider the experience a whole sale rip off.